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The myqubator™ program is an exciting 18-month journey that propels startups toward independence and success.

a path to ignite innovation.

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"Just as the gemologist sets to work, we unleash our unparalleled methodology and systems onto your incubator canvas. Whether agnostic or industry-focused, our lens uncovers the hidden gem – the startups destined to redefine sectors. With surgical precision, we extract latent brilliance, nurturing growth with mentorship, guidance, and a thriving community."

jameel qeblawi
founder & chief architect myqubator™

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What does myqubator™ UK offer to incubators?

myqubator™ UK offers a comprehensive range of services to incubators, including a thorough screening process for startups. We utilize our expertise and experience to identify and select high-potential startups, ensuring a higher success rate within your incubator. Additionally, we provide branding solutions, digital technology platforms, incubator program development, incubator design/setup assistance, management preparation and recruitment, mentorship and networking connections, and business plan development.


How can myqubator™ UK help startups within incubators?

myqubator™ UK provides startups within incubators with valuable support, such as access to digital technology tools, mentorship from experienced professionals, business development resources, workshops, and training, hands-on management throughout the tenure, investor connections, and guidance in refining their business plans and strategies.


How does myqubator™ enhance existing incubators or help build incubators?

myqubator™ offers a competitive operating system under the myqubator™ brand and trademark. When we partner with incubators, we bring our established brand name and operating system to foster growth. By leveraging the myqubator™ network, incubators gain access to industry-focused programs, a vast pool of Alumni, and broader opportunities for collaboration and expansion. Our objective is to facilitate access and provide a strong foundation for success within the startup ecosystem.


Can myqubator™ UK assist in creating a strong brand identity for my incubator?

Absolutely! myqubator™ UK specializes in developing powerful brand identities for incubators. We understand the importance of establishing a unique and compelling brand that resonates with your target audience. Our experienced team will work closely with you to craft a brand strategy that aligns with your incubator's vision and goals. From logo design and visual elements to messaging and tone of voice, we will ensure your brand stands out in the market and captures the essence of your incubator's mission.


What digital technology platforms does myqubator™ UK provide?

myqubator™ UK offers a cutting-edge digital technology platform that facilitates seamless communication, collaboration, and management within the incubation ecosystem. This platform enhances efficiency, streamlines operations, and provide startups, incubators, and investors with the tools they need for success.


How does myqubator™ UK assist with incubator design and setup?

myqubator™ UK provides expert guidance in designing and setting up incubator spaces. We ensure compatibility with the incubator program, taking into account office layout and infrastructure requirements and creating a conducive environment that fosters innovation, collaboration, and productivity.


Can myqubator™ UK help incubators with management preparation and recruitment?

Absolutely! myqubator™ UK offers support in preparing incubator management teams through training, mentorship, and strategic guidance. We can also assist in the recruitment of qualified personnel to ensure that your incubator has the right team in place to support startups effectively and to implement the myqubator™ methodology.


How does myqubator™ UK facilitate mentorship and networking connections?

myqubator™ UK provides access to a network of experienced mentors and industry experts who can offer valuable guidance and support to startups. We also encourage networking among startups within our global network, facilitating collaboration and knowledge-sharing opportunities.


Can myqubator™ UK help with business plan development?

Yes, myqubator™ UK collaborates with founders to develop functional and effective business plans tailored to local markets. We offer expertise in market research, financial modeling, and business strategy to ensure that your business plan aligns with market dynamics and maximizes your chances of success.


Does myqubator™ UK only work with new incubators, or can it also assist existing ones?

myqubator™ UK works with both new and existing incubators. We offer comprehensive support to existing incubators facing operational challenges and provide services to enhance their ecosystem. Additionally, we collaborate with funds, corporates, and public entities interested in establishing their own incubators.


Does myqubator™ UK provide access to startups from specific industries only?

myqubator™ UK offers access to startups from both specific industries and agnostic sectors. We understand that different incubators may have unique industry focuses and requirements. Therefore, we tailor our marketing efforts for myqubator™ in different countries based on the specific incubator and its target industries. This allows us to attract startups that align with the strategic objectives and niche expertise of each individual incubator within our network.


How can I get started with myqubator™ UK's services?

Getting started with myqubator™ UK is easy! Simply reach out to us through our website or contact us directly. We will be happy to discuss your specific needs and tailor a solution that aligns with your incubator's goals and objectives.